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If you’re interested in experimenting with sex toys either by yourself or with your partner but don’t know where to start, then don’t worry because this guild will help you in choosing the right toy from Adults Dreams. It doesn’t matter if you want to start out small like a “bullet” or “cock rings” or even something kinkier like “bondage” we have something for everyone and every occasion!


When choosing your first sex toy the price will surely be the biggest factor, spending less is always good when starting out because you get to know what you do and don’t like without having to waste big dollars but don’t buy a bargain without thinking, buying stuff on sale can just lead to an unenjoyable time and result in disappointment. Always ask about the product first or look at the reviews of the product to help get more of an idea on what it’s like before you buy.


Luxury or expensive sex toys really are worth the extra dollars. They are made of out better quality materials, they last longer and they are usually rechargeable so you save on batteries! Although it is best to know what you like before you go crazy and spend it on a toy you are then stuck with, below are some tips to help you pick the best toy for you the first time!

  1. Checking the details

Once you have found a toy that is in your budget that you fancy check the details of the product carefully



What are the measurements: How big is it? More important than the overall length is the insert able length, also the circumference is just as important (Which is measured at the widest girth of the toy) Now will this be a comfortable fit for you?


How does it feel: A toy may look stiff and unbendable when its actually soft and easily bendable, always check the material specifications, and take note if the toy is bathroom friendly for underwater play (submersible toys are also easier to clean)


Power and speed: Always check what types of vibrations are in store, as well as what type of power the toy takes and what batteries you will need for it.



  1. Watch Videos

Although we currently don’t do our own videos for our range of products, the company/brand that we have stated the toy is from usually always have videos to show you what a toy looks and sounds like out of the package. Another idea is to check out some sex blogs.


  1. Read the reviews


Reading reviews is always a good place to start before committing to a toy, Reviews are written by people who have tried the products themselves and are going on their experience so of course everyone is different and may have a different experience with the sex toy. Another way to tell is by the star rating of the product, the rating will be beside or below the item and is always a good indication of how popular it is.

If you want to know more in detail review’s just simply scroll down further and read reviews about the product including details about how easy it is to use, how powerful it is, how noisy is it and what the packaging is like.



What do we recommend?

Just like other products, sex toys are made by different brands and when you find one that suits you, you tend to stick with it. Here are the brands we recommend. In each brand you will find a range of toys to suit your every need.


  • California Exotic Novelties
  • Pipedreams
  • Fun Toys
  • Sex & Mischief
  • Shots Toys
  • Wildfire
  • Jo
  • Donna



Now get shopping and enjoy!