Beginners Anal Fanatasy KIT has  five unique anal toys that are perfect for the beginner in anal play. Inside the kit includes

1. THE CLASSIC PROSTATE STIMULATOR with an inserted length of 11.5cm and width 3.8 cm has a easy to use handle that wraps around your hand and fingers and has a tapered end for that perfect fit.

2. BEADS a perfect starting point for some anal fun, the beads are inserted one at a time and can be pulled out at time of climax to increase the orgasm, they are 2 cm in width for ease of insertion.

3.BEADED PROBE is flexible to use alone or with a friend. The beads start of small at 1.5 cm and progress to 2 cm in width. Suggestion is to use this one after the beads. Remember not to insert the last bead of the beaded probe as you will need this to retrieve the probe.

4.FINGER SLEEVE is used stimulate and arouse the anal area, this is ideal to help relax your muscles in that area. You can the desensitizing cream included in the kit. Be careful with desensitizing as you still want to be able to feel the pleasure of anal sex.

5.PLUG has an insertible length of 9.5 cm and is 2.5 cm wide. It is slightly tapered at the tip which is ideal for the for insertion and has a tapered base for comfort and safety. Gloves are also included as well as lube and cleaning product  in the kit. With anal sex  and anal play it is always recommended to use LUBE as the anal does not have natural lubrication.