S.Wet Pleasure Bullet


Most women prefer to have a choice and be in control of their pleasure, So this bullet might just be the bullet for you!
The bullet was voted the toy of choice for women to achieve orgasm because it is small, and stimulates the clitoris directly – basically it does the job.
However, most bullets available on the market are either single speed or have up to 3 functions.
So with this in mind, S•Wet created a discreet pleasure bullet with a 10 Function motor, with everything that a woman could ask for in a bullet.
The S•Wet Pleasure Bullet is the size of a standard bullet, but packs a punch with an ultra-powerful 10 Function vibration motor.
A simple push button action is all that is required to turn the bullets on or to change the function. The user has the ability to choose her own pleasure and be in control of her orgasms.
They have chosen a smooth, velvet feel for the Pleasure Bullet, which is meant to mimic the softness of a woman’s skin.
It feels beautiful against the body and makes a woman feel sexy.
The beauty of the S•Wet Pleasure Bullet can not only be felt, but also heard.
The bullet is quiet, but each time you press the button, you can actually hear a click, which lets you know that the function is changing and leaves less room for faults to arise.
No other bullet that we know of on the market has this positive click.
It is also waterproof if you wish to use it in the privacy of your shower.
For times when you might need to turn it off quickly, simply press the button down for 3 seconds to turn the bullet off. This is S•Wet’s Intense vibrating bullet with an amazing 10 speeds!

  • Smooth Velvet Finishing
  • Phthalate Free
  • Waterproof
  • Vibrator