Sensations Massage Candle


Desires on fire! Rich vegetable oils to create this sensational massage candle. Enjoy its warm light whilst you wait for the oils to melt, leaving it at just the right temperature to pour all over your, or your lover’s skin. The candle is perfumed with the Bijoux Indiscrets Essence, it leaves a delicious aroma on your skin once the massage is over.

  • candle melts at a low temperature so there is no danger of being burned
  • Bijoux Indiscrets candles contain natural ingredients that pamper your skin
  • Bijoux Indiscrets fragrance contains the sweetness of rose, the exotic essences of Jasmine, wood and spice, and harnessing the erotic powers of Ylang-Ylang
  • our skin is full of sensors which are ready to be set off and turn our bodies on, and all it needs is a light, tender caress
  • a sensual massage can be the prelude to something more interesting and intense
    the secret to a sensual massage is to start with delicate strokes all over the body, and allow yourself to be led along by a serendipitous path of skin and curves
  • the right kind of caress on the body’s erogenous zones – the neck, navel, back or thighs – can bring someone to climax